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Farmers’ markets

Gourmets on Wheels sells at farmers’ markets, makes deliveries to homes and offices, and sells wholesale to beer and wine bars. It is also available for cheese, beer, and wine parties and gatherings. Our customer base encompasses the greater LA area, reaching from as far as Calabasas to South Bay, and from downtown LA to Santa Monica.


Our online store

Gourmets on Wheels Store is our online store is where you will find cheese, charcuterie, Estancia & Pasture One grass fed beef, Jidori chicken, pork chops or lamb chops, ground lamb or buffalo, olives, Pantry is our store where you can shop for groceries that do not need refrigeration.


About René Klaassen

René was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, emigrated to New York in 1988, and moved to Los Angeles in 1996. René has 15+ years of sales and marketing experience in the food, beer, and wine industry. In 2006 he started his mobile cheese and charcuterie business, Gourmets on Wheels.

Real Beef Taste

If you’ve never tasted pasture-raised, grass fed beef, then you’re in for a real treat. Bite into an Estancia or Pasture One burger or steak and you can taste the terroir, the grasslands where our animals are raised, the fertile earth and year-round rainfall. Just like with cheese, wine, olive oil, and honey, the food our animals eat and the land where they roam comes out in the flavor of their meat.

Lean And Healthy

More and more studies are showing the health benefits of grass fed beef. It’s low in fat and cholesterol, but high in healthy compounds like omega-3 fatty acids. There is increasing evidence that beef loses healthy attributes when cattle are fed grain diets and their movement is restricted in feedlots. Grass fed beef has about half the fat and cholesterol of grain fed beef.


Order your free range turkey now!

All BN Ranch turkey is from animals we own and raise directly, using humane and environmentally responsible practices to produce the highest quality meat. To achieve this, we are dedicated to harvesting turkeys in peak condition. A natural growth period creates a nurturing environment for the turkeys to be raised in, defines muscle texture and adds a depth of taste that can only come from happy, healthy birds.


We carry jarred organic tomato

products from Spain, organic

non GMO Pasta from Italy. Hand

cleaned, hand packed sustainably

fished sardines, tuna, mackerel

and calamari from Portugal. Extra

virgin olive oil, name protected

from Spain. Organic non gmo

balsamic vinegar and balsamic

glaze from Italy and much more.

Mouthwatering, sparkling pure Portuguese

mackerel from the coast of Portugal.

They’ve been picking and packing the finest

fish for more than 100 years, selecting

the fattiest, tastiest mackerel. The hand

cleaning processing and traditional

precooked process ensures the finest

flavor and texture. Only fresh fish and

fine ingredients are used to get these

quality gourmet products.

Delicious in salads, sandwiches

DaMorgada mackerel provides

you a healthy and brainy,

omega-3-rich diet.