René Klaassen

René was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, emigrated to New York in 1988, and moved to Los Angeles in 1996. René has 15+ years of sales and marketing experience in the food, beer, and wine industry. In 2006 he started his mobile cheese and charcuterie business, Gourmets on Wheels.


Our Market

Gourmets on Wheels sells at farmer's markets, makes deliveries to homes and offices, and sells wholesale to beer and wine bars. It is also available for cheese, beer, and wine parties. René's customer base encompasses the greater LA area, reaching from as far as Calabasas to South Bay, and from downtown LA to Santa Monica. Gourmets on Wheels also sells on Amazon.com and on our online store in this link.





Buy Direct

In 2011, René started buying direct from manufacturers, cutting out the middleman. Now he is looking to expand his operations and marketplace by opening a European style delicatessen/market/beer and wine bar, bringing a concept to Los Angeles that only exists in a handful of cities on the East Coast of the United States.